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This page is designed to help you cost a shoot. All prices here are for a typical, one visit shoot. If you need me to visit twice (for interior/exterior shots, for instance) I would need to increase the price by 30% to cover travel time.

All shoots can be rescheduled with four hours notice with no penalty. A cancellation or rescheduling with less than that would incur a 50% fee.

An exterior only shoot will give you up to 5 images of various parts of the building while an exterior and interior shoot will give the same five exterior plus up to twenty interior images.

The prices below cover shoots up to one hour at the property. This includes setting up and breaking down of studio lights where applicable. Please be aware that it is not possible to do a shoot with studio lights in less than an hour and a half but studio lights are rarely required except for higher end properties or in the case of very dark spaces. Please just get in touch if you would like any more information about this.

Any time required over the one hour will be charged at $75/hour or part of an hour. Extra time will only be taken at the specific request of the client.

To shoot interior shots requires the presence of the client. In the event of the non arrival of the client I will, where possible, shoot exterior shots and the fee for exterior shots will be due. If exterior shots are not possible for any reason the exterior shoot fee will still be due.

I am happy to set up an account for clients after the first two shoots undertaken. This would allow me to bill monthly for any shoots done that previous calendar month. Again, please just ask about this. Repeat clients billing on a monthly basis will also be able to get a price break depending on the number of shoots undertaken.

Exterior only Exterior and interior $100 $125 Exterior only Exterior and interior $120 $150 Exterior only Exterior and interior $150 $170 is a wholly owned service of Phil Rose Photography. Click to read the small print Additional Please ask for details and to discuss.

All shoots are liable for sales tax at the standard current rate.

*In Flash, HTML 5 or Quicktime formats. Please ask for details and to discuss. $20

Please note that the low prices below are prices based on producing a gallery of HDR images automatically optimized via a highly specialized piece of software. I am also more than happy to hand optimize images but that extra work does come with extra cost.

Please click here to see a typical gallery produced at the price points below.

*Images back in less than 24 hours from shoot time. Without this payment turnaround time is usually within 48 hours and not more than three business days. $50 *Business hours constitute 9am-6pm & weekend are 6pm Friday to 9am Monday. $25 Exterior only Exterior and interior $160 $180