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Whatcom Realty Photos has purchased a new fun  accessory. Some photographers have helicopters to get elevated images. Others have drones. Whatcom Realty goes with the window washing pole! After all, I’m pretty sure you don’t want to be paying off the debt for a drone or a helicopter via greatly increased fees. Of course you don’t! So what have I got here? I have a Lilliput miniature 7” HDMI monitor on a tripod. I then have my Pentax K3 attached to a monopod which is duct taped to an extendable 15’ window washing pole. Up goes the pole, I see the image live on the screen and I use a wireless remote to trigger the camera once it is all lined up.

Want some elevated lift to your images? For only $20 on top of the usual fee I can bring out this rig and make it happen.

My New Baby